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MultiSelect with Search in UltraCombo / UltraComboEditor


I am trying to find a way to select multiple options from either an UltraCombo or UltraComboEditor. This alone is pretty straightforward by editing a few of the CheckedListSettings properties, but the problem is that I also want the user to be able to search for particular values from the list, since there is going to be far too many to be manually scrolling to find them. Ideally I would also like the combo box to display a delimited list of the options the user has selected so far. I can do the delimiting and displaying by setting EditorValueSource to checkedItems, but then the user is no longer able to type in the control, so they can't search for a value from the list. If I don't set the EditorValueSource, then the user is able to search for a value, but selecting it doesn't actually result in it being checked, which is the first problem. A second problem is that after they have their first selection, I can't find a way to maintain displaying that first selection while simultaneously allowing them to search for a second selection. 

In case what I wrote above wasn't very clear, I will give you an example of what kind of behavior I am trying to mimic: Selecting recipients of an email. When you are filling in the "To" field of an email, you start typing an email address, and you get a suggestion. If you accept the suggestion, the email you accepted is listed, and you can keep typing a new email address, and get more new suggestions. Any tips for implementing something like this would be great. Thanks!