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Performance issue selecting a row with more bands in it

I displaying a recursive dataset on ultraGrid with about 160k entries.

This dataset has at most 7 row levels (Bands) on it and it has a acceptable performance loading this datasource and displaying it. But the problem comes with the parent row selection, when selecting a low level row band ( first bands) it takes more time to selecting it and change appereance that load the intere dataset !

Can you provide me some kind of assistance ?
I do not need my rows hold info about its childs, only the current row information matters to me on selection and logic level. 

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    Hello Pedro,

    Having that many bands and records affects the performance, since the grid has to create all of the BindingManagers up front, and they increase in number (and decrease in performance) exponentially the deeper you go. What I can suggest you to improve the performance is to se MaxBandDepth to a number that suits your application, for example if set to 0 only the first band would be shown and loaded initially, each child band would be loaded after the user clicks on the expansion indicator of the row. Setting it to a number between 1 and the number of bands would load that much bands, setting it to -1 would load all the bands. I recommend you setting it to a number between 1 and 3 for better performance.

    Additionally setting SyncWithCurrencyManager on the grid to false might help improving the performance. This tells the grid not to synchronize the current row with the current position of the CurrencyManager. This means that if there are other controls in the application bound to the same data source as the grid, changing the grid’s current row will not position the CurrencyManager and thus not update the other controls.

    I strongly recommend you reviewing the following post, which serves as performance guide for the grid: 

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Ivan Kitanov

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