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Grid Cell Masking

I have requirement to apply different mask on each cell of grid and based on format assigned to cell and in th

Like if format is >>,999.99>>

Then it means maximum number is 5 and maximum precision is 4 but if user is entering number less than 3 digits or less than 2 precsion then we need to append zero.


8.8 --> 008.80

12.2 -> 012.20

324.45 --> 324.45

1234.5 -> 1234.50

4.55 --> 004.55

any idea how can I create a mask to achieve this.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Monika,

    Using a mask would be difficult since you mentioned that the maximum amount of numbers that the user can enter should be 5, which would contradict with the following case:

    1234.5 -> 1234.50 if a mask like the following is used : “nnn.nn”, the number would become 123.45 instead. If you would like to have 4 digit number before the “.” then a mask like the following could work “nnnn.nn”.

    An alternative to this would be to not use a mask and apply a format to the column that would hold the values.  This format (“000.00”) would include leading zeroes as well as adding a zero after the decimal point. The MaxLength property of the column needs to be used to limit the number of digits entered this number should be 6 instead of 5, since the decimal point is also counted. Because of this the input should be validated in a way that meets the requirements of your application, since the user may not use a decimal point and the number might be greater than 9999.9.

    I am attaching a small sample that demonstrates what I have explained above. Please test the attached sample and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Ivan Kitanov