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InitializeRow not fired on ListChangedType.Reset. Why??

Having a bunch of issues with InitializeRow not be fired at appropriate times that have been logged with the dev team already. But this one is so basic I need some quick guidance:

I bind my UltraGrid to a BindingSource which in turn is bound to a datasource of type BindingList<T> (of objects that implement INotifyPropertyChanged).

 When I raise a PropertyChanged(null / empty) from the objects I expect to get a ListChangedType.Reset event raised in the BindingSource. And I do. What I do not get is any InitializeRow events called in the grid - I expected that I would. I used to in older versions (using .net2 with v7.3).

Any pointers? Like, why does the grid not fire initializerows so when it gets a reset event from the list?


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