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Drag and drop grid columns to a custom control?
I need to make a control that will be more or less similar to the WinGrid's GroupBy area, with the only difference that I need to handle the selected columns in my own way.
That is, a user will drag and drop columns from a grid (or a column chooser, if possible) and then some custom business logic will happen for the selected columns, like filtering or grouping (but not the usual WinGrid grouping).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that when I drag a column from the WinGrid it doesn't start the "real" drag-and-drop process, it only emulates drag-and-drop behavior and that column header can only be dropped on a column chooser or a group-by area... So how can I make a desired control then?
Or maybe can you recommend a similar control from the Infrgistics library? Like a custom drop area for grid columns?