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Working with tear away popup control containers - need help


 I'm evaluating your controls and have a couple of things that are confounding me.  I have controls set to use the pop-up control container and allowing tearaway.  When I tear them away, they cannot be re-sized... I would be fine if you could get me an example of the filter code to add the grip from the gallery control when it pops up and if they tear it away... but that leads me to another thing... i have designed an entire .isl file that is based on the noir theme (loosely) and when I tear off anything, it has a persistent neon blue border that I cannot change... if you know how to get rid of that blue border...  I would love to know how...  (see screenshot below)

 the other thing I thought of doing is just taking the control out of the pop-up control container when the user starts to tear it away, but the only reference is to a "toolbar" object, so I'm not sure which container it is using and if I have an option to cancel the tearaway and replace the pop-up window with the persistent blue border with a nicely designed sizeable toolwindow of my own making...

 anyway, the controls seem pretty awesome in their flexibility minus these few things I have come across.. any help would be greatly appreciated... I would like to make a decision on your controls very soon. 

 Main Screen Shot