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How set # of copies to print the Report?

Hi to all,
anyone have an idea about how to tell to the Report to print it self in # copies?

in this thread ( Matt Snider [Infragistics] talk about report.Preferences.Printing, but this have only 3 very-basic proprieties:

public interface IPrintPreferences
  bool FitToMargins
  PaperOrientation PaperOrientation
PaperSize PaperSize

I feel that the last solution will be using a modified copy of my code for Report-Preview ( to permit us to have full access to the PrinterSettings that will be used for printing the report. (may be via the UltraPrintDocument class).

If any one (Infragistigs guys are welcome) have any simple idea to set # of printing copies of one Report, I thank you in advance.


PS: the UltraDocument library is a great idea, but it is young. I think that Infragistics will appreciate our comments/suggestions.