Serious Infragestics memory leak with their controls

Any Infragestic control you use leaks memory.  In testing, I've found that UltraTextEditor, UltraTabControl, UltraComboEditor, UltraButton, etc...  All do not dispose of themselves correct and all are held in memory due to a strong reference from Infragestics.Win.Office2007ColorSchemeChangedNotifier, which is held by a static event handler. 

Just recently the major memory leaks with win tree were reduced to a point where it could be used in production code.  I did a sweep of a couple sub system to use all Infragestic control to take advantage of themeing and when from 20-30k memory leaked per sub system instantiation to 5 megs+ leaked.

Seeing how bad the leaks are, surely someone has a work around?  Is there a hot fix for this yet?