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Display column headers at all group-by levels

I am sure this must be a very simple thing to do, but i have been digging through the properties and could not locate where i could achieve this one.

Basically, I have an UltraWinGrid (version 7.1).   I drag 3 different columns to the GroupByBox to group data rows.
And it looks like this:

    |_ ColumnB
          |_ Column C
ColumnA  |   ColumnB  |   ColumnC  |   Column D |  Column E 
-  10 items
   - 5 items
       - 2 items

Right now, column header is only displayed at the top of the grip (right underneath the GroupByBox).
Is there a simple way to set the style so that the column header will repeat at each group-by level????
By that i mean i would like to see the "ColumnA  |   ColumnB  |   ColumnC  |   Column D |  Column E"  column header to be under each GroupByRow.