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Show UltraColorPicker in UltraListView cell

I have a UltraListView that I populate with columns like this:

UltraListViewSubItemColumn sic = new UltraListViewSubItemColumn();

sic.DataType = typeof(System.Drawing.Color);

sic.EditorControl = new Infragistics.Win.UltraWinEditors.UltraColorPicker();


The way I do it now it just shows the color and the color name and I can edit the color name in a text box. What I would like to get is the color picker control to show when I edit the cell and allow me to select the color from the list. Is it possible to get what I want in the UltraListView?

If not I was thinking that I could draw the actual UltraColorPicker control over the specific cell on mouse click but I don't know where to get the cell coordinates from (position and size).


Thanks for the advice,