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Hiding tabs in UltraTabMdiManager possible?

I'm looking into different possibilities for creating an Outlook-style application where each module (user control or form) supplies its own toolbars to be merged with the main form. Modules should be selected through an UltraExplorerBar.

My first approach was to use an UltraTabControl in Wizard mode, place each module on a separate tab, and show the appropriate tab according to selected group in the explorer bar. This way the user never knows there are tabs in the background (they are not visible). With this approach it seems menu merging has to be done manually, and determining which control should handle the tool click seems rather cumbersome.

Another approach is to use an UltraTabMdiManager, assigning each module form as an MDI child to the main form. This way the toolbars should be merged automatically, but I haven't had a chance to test how tool clicks are handled by parent/child forms yet. However, the tabs for the various MDI children are always shown, which is less than optimal.

Is there any way to hide the tabs using the Mdi tab manager, or am I stuck with showing the MDI child tab?