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Binding class to UltraTree (no columns)


I want to bind custom class, ex.:

   public class Entity
      private static int count = 0;

      public int Int { get; set; }
      public string Name { get; set; }
      public EntityList List { get; set; }

      public Entity(string name)
         this.Int = count++;
         this.Name = name;
         this.List = new EntityList();

   public class EntityList : List<Entity>

I want to display Name just name properties as simple nodes (without cells), so I set ultraTree1.ViewStyle = Standard;

After filling up the EntityList object I bind it to a tree, to have it displayed but what I get is only columns of integer numbers (from Int property).

I tried adding column set:

         UltraTreeColumnSet columnSet = new UltraTreeColumnSet();
         columnSet.Key = "Name";

         ultraTree1.NodeLevelOverrides[0].ColumnSet = columnSet;
         ultraTree1.NodeLevelOverrides[1].ColumnSet = columnSet;

but I saw only parent nodes of UltraTree (first level only).

How to set UltraTree to display this collection properly?