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Cannot deploy application with local assemblies since hotfix

I recently applied the hotfix to 2008 v3 for windows forms and have now started seeing an issue with my application setups.  I've been deploying the assemblies locally (in the application directory) rather than putting them in the GAC, but since the hot fix was applied I've found that the deployed application will no longer run.  I tracked the issue down to the appstylist dll (Infragistics2.Win.AppStylistSupport.v8.3.dll).  It was not upgraded with the hotfix, and it has the 1009 versions listed as dependencies.  I now have to deploy both sets of assemblies to the GAC to get the applications to run. 

Did I miss a upgrade or is this by design?  I'd rather not deploy both sets of assemblies.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this issue.

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