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Column chooser horizontal appearance


I have grid with 20 columns. i want them to appear as horizontal in columns chooser

with 5  in each  column. This will make proper use of my window and its easy to navigate through column chooser.

Currently everything appears in single column  and its difficult to go vertically.


Please suggest how to do this.

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    Hi ,

    I have a ultragird with 20 columns.

    I want to show column chooser such that it will appear horizontally with 5  items each in one column of

    column chooser.

    e.g. it shoud appear like this :

    column choser :

    gridcolumn1  gridcolumn6   ...

    gridcolumn2  gridcolumn7

    gridcolumn3  gridcolumn8

    gridcolumn4  gridcolumn9

    gridcolumn5  gridcolumn10