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Change vertical height of TimeSlots

Hi, I also need to shrink the vertical height of the TimeSlots, but I can't get this solution to work.  I have tried changing both the UltraCalendarLook's AppointmentAppearance Font size to 7 pt and the UltraDayView's Appearance Font size to 7 pt.

I also tried setting the Font size of the UltraDayView's TimeSlotDescriptorAppearance to 7 pt.

These had the effect of 1) making the Owner column Header text small, 2) making the Subject and Location text of the Appointment small, 3) making the Timeslot descriptor text small.

This did not do anything to shrink the vertical height of the Timeslots.  They are still the same size.

Using Infragistics library version 7.1.  Please help :)

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    Hello?  Would it be possible to receive a response?  I have been waiting patiently for this to be addressed.  We need to shrink the vertical height of the Time slots but the solution offered in this thread doesn't seem to work, as I wrote on 6/9/2009

    Please can somebody write a response?  Thank you in advance.

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