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Trouble setting up a currency editor with an associated drop down list of values


I'm using an ultra grid where all of the cells in a column can be assigned a different embeddable editor.

In one particular cell, I would like to set it up to use the currency editor and also associate it with a drop down list of values. Sometimes I would like to be able to type into the cell and restrict the value entered to one of the drop down list of values. Other times I would like the ability to be able to type any value into the cell, regardless of the values available in the drop down list.

I can manage to either setup the currency editor without a drop down, or setup the required drop down behaviour without the currency formatting.

My question is:- Can anyone tell me how to setup a cell, formatted for currency entry, and provide a drop down list of values for that cell?

I've tried using a drop down button with the currency editor but all to no avail. If anyone could tell me whether what I'm trying to do is possible or not, and if it is possible to provide some code, then I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance,