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UltraComboEditor and List<T> as DataSource

I created a small helper class:

    public class ComboHelper
        public int ValueMember;
        public string DisplayMember;

I want to create a List<ComboHelper> and bind that to a UltraComboEditor control:

List<ComboHelper> comboDataSource = new List<ComboHelper>();
ComboHelper comboHelper = new ComboHelper { ValueMember = 1, DisplayMember = "ID" };
comboHelper = new ComboHelper { ValueMember = 2, DisplayMember = "Collateral" };

cmbFilter.DataSource = comboDataSource;
cmbFilter.DisplayMember = "DisplayMember";
cmbFilter.ValueMember = "ValueMember";

I run the app and nothing shows in the combo box.  What am I missing? [I know it's something simple...still trying to get the hang of these controls]