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Can not move to belowcell in UltraWinGrid

In my project, I need to move a cell in edit mode in the ultragrid to the same cell (column) in next row when the tab key is pressed. I did the following in the form_load event.

 foreach (GridKeyActionMapping mapping in this.ultraGrid1.KeyActionMappings)




if (mapping.KeyCode == Keys.Tab && mapping.SpecialKeysDisallowed == SpecialKeys.All)

{mapping.ActionCode =


mapping.StateRequired =




Unfortunately, when I run it, the tab doesn't move at all.

I also tried adding new GridKeyActionMapping with similar settings in the form_load event. When tab is pressed, it only move to the next cell without going down to next row as I expected.

Does anyone came across similar problem or have solution for it?

Thanks in advance!