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UltraGridDocumentExporter: What is happening after the EndExport event?

I recently started using the UltraGridDocumentExporter. Since it sometimes has to be used to export grids with large numbers of rows and columns, I want to let the enduser know the application has not been frozen. Therefore I use the RowExported event to show the status of the number of rows which are processed. When all rows are processed, the EndExport event gets fired. But... after the EndExport event it can take quite a while before the total export process is completed. I wonder what is happening during this time.

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    I took a quick look and the only thing that happens after the EndExport event fire is some cleanup. The Exporter disposes of some cached information. I can't see any reason why this should take any time at all, though. It's just a matter of setting some member variables to null and clearing some hash tables.

    Have you tried hitting CTRL+BREAK during this period and seeing what code is running?