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Column chooser repeats a row for each column in the chooser

Howdy folks I have a question.  My column chooser for a grid I have seems to repeat a row for every column in the grid.  In other words once the controls render my grid layout looks like this.

column1                   column2                  column 3

some value              some value             some value

My column chooser has two bars or lines at the top and an interface displaying my 3 columns.  If I slide the grey bars around I find that each of the bars is an interface that has my 3 columns listed on each of the instances. 

OK so that is not too bad, but sometimes this grid can have up to 30 columns, so now I get a column chooser filled with grey lines each one having a list of the 30 columns, and the bottom of my chooser only shows 2 columns with an arrow to scroll though the other 28 columns and select or deselect them.  I am certain I am doing something wrong in the implementation of this control, cause this is basically unusable from and end users point of view.  Can someone set me straight as to why this would be happening and what I would need to do to correct it?  I dont understand why it is repeating the chooser row for each column.  Thanks for your time and energy, and any help is greatly appreciated.

George the guy who loves these controls :-D