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Exporting WinGrid to Report - Sizing and Formatting Issues

Hi, I've searched around and couldn't find a solution to my problem, but excuse me if it already exists...

We are required to generate a report document from an UltraWinGrid. We are using the UltraGridDocumentExporter to export to a section of an Infragistics report, before publishing it to a PDF.

Here's a shot of the grid (please excuse the jazzy colours...):

and here's the grid exported to the report:

As indicated in the second shot, there are three issues we have yet to resolve, and are unsure as to whether they ARE resolvable:

  1. The column header of the first column would ideally begin in alignment with the rows - instead it starts with the GroupBy rows.
  2. The GroupBy row always extends the Column Header Row. At the maximum, this should be the same length as the Column Header Row.
  3. Ideally, the last column should be extended to the rest of the document (only in the report).

We've tried many methods to solve these including the use of the AutoFit property for the grid for issue 3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as to if these are possible, and if so, how.