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How do I format text into columns in UltraTree Nodes

I have searched over the infragistics libraries and forums and have not been able to find the answer to this question:

I have an UltraTree with a parent node which has multiple child nodes (on the same level,) each of the child nodes has a number and a date, the numbers are different lengths and what I want is to evenly space them so they display in a professional manner. I have tried using vbTab (which does not print a tab in the node text) or the UltraTreeColumnSet (but I don't want column headers in my display.) I have also tried using a certain number of spaces but the space character is not the same size as number characters so the spacing is still uneven.


  • .05                  9/5/2009
  • .6673             7/25/2009
  • .043               3/20/2009
  • .2                    4/5/2009

(even above you can see the dates do not align correctly)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!