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2008 V1 release for NET 3.5

I have a licence for the complete NetAdvantage product and for WPF.

When downloading the new versions from the Infragistics web site, I noticed that the ASP Bundle is marked as CLR 3.5, but the Windows Forms Bundle is marked as CLR 2.0

Does this mean that none of the Infragistics controls support the new NET 3.5 features such as LINQ ?

Or, is this just a typo and the Bundle does support NET 3.5 ?

Or is the NET 3.5 Bundle still to be released ?

Note that I have installed the new ASP Bundle and this is working. But am holding off installing the Windows forms Bundle until I hear your feedback.

Also, there used to be just a single download Bundle that included both Windows Forms and ASP, but this seems no longer to exist.

Any help would be appreciated.