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CopiedAppointments Problem, please help (TimeLineView)



Ok, so I need to use the dragDrop Event, because I need to do some checking when the user moves an appointment.

The thing is I also need to allow the user to copy his appointments. My problem is that in the dragDrop event, e.CopiedAppointments is allways null. I tried everything. The only way to get the new appointments is if I go through the UIElements of the New Owner, see if a new AppointmentUIElement was added and so on. But this is not an elegant and efficient solution, giving the fact that the control should keep copied appointments in e.CopiedAppointments. 

Any thoughts, am I missing something?

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    Hello GigiDolar,

    I tried your scenario and was able to reproduce it. So, as a solution I advise you to upgrade to the latest service release available for 9.2 or either download the trial for v11.1.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional assistance.