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Left key can't collapse expanded row

We upgraded to v9.2. We found out Left key can no longer collapse expanded row. Right key works fine to expand collapsed row.

I looked into KeyActionMappings in the grid, there is an entry for CollapseRow for Left key. But it doesn't work even I removed all other action for Left key, only leave CollapseRow in KeyActionMappings.

Please find enclosed sample project that can reproduce the issue. We'd like to know if it's known issue, if there is a workaround.

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    Hi Crystal,

    Keyboard behavior is heavily dependent on the current state of the grid. I took a look at the key action mappings for collapsing a row and did some testing with v9.2.

    KeyActionMappings are evaluated in order. So when you press the left arrow, the grid goes through the collection of KeyActionMappings and finds all the ones that match the current state.

    So when I look at the default mappings, I notice that there are several mappings for the Left arrow key. The first one is to go to the previous cell. This requires that the grid be in a state where it has an active cell. So if there's an ActiveCell in the grid that is not in edit mode, left moves you to the previous cell.

    The next mapping for Left is for CollapseRow. This requires that there be an ActiveRow, no ActiveCell, and that the row be expandable and expanded.

    I tried this out by clicking on the RowSelector of an expanded row. This should make the row active (and selected) and make it so there is no active cell. And then I pressed the Left arrow and the row is no collapsing. Instead, the moves to he previous row.

    So there does appear to be a problem here. I tried the same thing with v8.2 and got the same results. Can you tell me what version you were using before you upgraded when this used to work?

    In the mean time, I'm going to forward this thread over to Infragistics Developer Support so they can get it looked at.