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Disable docking in UltraDockManager for MdiChild windows

Hi there!

I want to be able to create the Mdi documents in my app and to be able to make them as floating windows. Therefore I have an UltraDockManager & UltraTabbedMdiManager and create DockableControlPanes with IsMdiChild property set to true.

But I don't want to allow user to dock this documents to parent document -- they must be either tabbed mdi child documents or floating windows.

To force this behavior I set all docking abilities of this panes to false:

pane.Settings.AllowDockBottom = Infragistics.Win.DefaultableBoolean.False;
pane.Settings.AllowDockLeft = Infragistics.Win.DefaultableBoolean.False;
pane.Settings.AllowDockRight = Infragistics.Win.DefaultableBoolean.False;
pane.Settings.AllowDockTop = Infragistics.Win.DefaultableBoolean.False;   

and this works quite fine: when I try to dock floating window it allows to dock it only as Tab.

But when I Open Popup menu (Right click on window header) and click Dockable when it is Tab or Unselect Floating when it is floating window, this window becomes docked to right.

Can I somehow change this behavior?


Thanks a lot for your answer.

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    Hello ,


    I am not sure that  I completely understand your scenario, so could you please  post a small sample that illustrates your issue in order to be able to investigate this further for you.


    Thank you.

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    I had the same problem.  Here is what I did to solve it.


        Private Sub MainTabbedMdiManager_InitializeContextMenu(sender As Object, e As Infragistics.Win.UltraWinTabbedMdi.MdiTabContextMenuEventArgs) Handles MainTabbedMdiManager.InitializeContextMenu

            If e.ContextMenu.MenuItems(0).Text = "Doc&kable" Then

                With e.ContextMenu

                    .MenuItems(0).Visible = False 'Makes Dockable Invisable

                    .MenuItems(1).Visible = False 'Makes Hide Invisable

                    .MenuItems(2).Visible = False 'Makes Floating Invisable

                    .MenuItems(3).Visible = False 'Makes Seperator Invisable

                End With

            End If

        End Sub