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TabStripControl TextTrimming Problem


we've created a new style library on the AppStylist based on the standard style Template_Glassy provided by Infragistics. There were just changes on the background image settings. But using it on a c# project in visual studio 2008 I recognized that the text in the tabs on the TabStripControl (in FormMain used as TabbedMdiParent) are trimmed (see image below).

The texts in the tabs are normally "Reosurcen Übersicht", "Manulle Einlagerungen", "Leerbehälter einlagern Liste".

After that I changed the settings of TabItemHorizontalTop in the AppStylist like this:

You can see that the TextTrimming mode is "None".

Any solution for this problem? I'd be grateful =)


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    anyone? I thought this is the official forum with professional employees?

    whatever, I got time..


    above, I forgot to mention that after I changed the TextTrimming mode to "None" it is still trimming the captions in the same way as it is in the picture..


    I'd be really grateful if you can manage to fix this problem..



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