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Unpinning a DockableControlPane without animation

I am writing my own save state for the UltraDockManager.  I am correctly recording the pinned state of all of the DockableControlPanes.

After i gather all the information I need, I remove all control panes and all dockareas.  I then recreate the dockareas and then I recreate the DockableControlPanes.  This seems to work correctly.

However, after I create my DockableControlPanes and set their Pinned property to false (or call UnPin), the DockableControlPane in question is initially visible, and then after the delay it slides out of view.

When I use the SaveAsXML and LoadFromXML feature of the UltraDockManager, it restores the DockableControlPanes and the ones that are unpinned are automatically in their collapsed state without seeing the pane slide out of view.

How can I get that same effect?  I do not want to see the sliding out of the panes, but only as I restore the state of my UltraDockManager.


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    You can handle the BeforeShowFlyout event of the UltraDockManager. When you are loading your layout, set Cancel to True on the event args to prevent any panes from flying out.

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