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UltraTabControl and UltraValidator



I have a problem in validating controls placed on different TabPages of an UltraTabControl.

Here is an example. I have a form with an UltraTabControl with 2 TabPages. On each TabPage there is an UltraTextbox binded to the same UltraValidator.

The two UltraTextbox are mandatory, so you must fill them with a value or the Validation won't success.


The problem is when, for example, I am on the second Tab and the first Textbox is empty. In this case, when i click on the Check button, the Validation doesn't have success but the MessageBox error is not shown, so actually anything doesn't happen.

Obviously I'd like that the Messagebox error would be shown, regardless of the tab I am when the Check Button is pressed.

Just as an information, the two textbox belong to the same Validation Group



Claudio Di Flumeri