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Inherited winGrid, NewBandLoadStyle, NewColumnLoadStyle, when to implement

I'm inheriting a winGrid, binding to BindingSource, using LinqToSQL and EntityFramework. Works GREAT, a boon to production.

In design, I setup my display of bands/columns either the the designer or thru InitializeLayout and all is fine.

If I later update my linq dbml file with new properties (columns in grid) and/or associations (bands in grid), I DON'T want those new columns/tables to change the structure of my grid automatically. So I've set the NewBandLoadStyle and NewColumnLoadStyle to HIDE in my INHERITED control's NEW constructor.

But I really don't want it on NEW, because I'd like to see all of the columns/bands in the designer when I design the grid. And if later, after I've already done my design work on the grid, I alter the dbml file, I don't want those changes to add it's new columns/bands to the grid.

The question is...  on what grid event should I set NewBandLoadStyle and NewColumnLoadStye to HIDE? I only want this these two properties to kick in on subsequent design of the grid (after a dbml object was altered), wherein I would manually show the new columns/bands as appropriate.