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Start dragging of a pane without Caption


I have set the ShowCaption property to false for layout reasons and I did not find the way to start the dragging of a pane.

The controls I put in my panes already have a "title bar" which contains some buttons and I am not able to add them in the pane caption. So the layout of the pane caption plus the title bar of my control is not very pretty and quite confusing for the user.

Is it possible to reproduce this behavior without showing the caption?

I found that the DockControlBase is calling the DragManager.InitiateDrag(), but this type is inaccessible for Windows Form version of Infragistics. It could be very nice to have an InitiateDrag() method in the DockableControlPane class or one in the UltraDockManager to let developpers "overriding" the caption layout without losing the drag and drop capability.

Any help will be welcome! Thanks.