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ultraTrackBar need to change direction of thumb pointer.

I have figured out how to set the tickmarks to the left side of the trackbar but I cannot figure out how to change the direction the pointer is pointing. Is it even possible?

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    Hi Michael,

    I would think that if you set the TickMarkSettings for both major and minor to the Left, then the thumb should reverse itself automatically for you. That seems like an oversight or a bug. So I'm going to forward this thread over to Infragistics Developer Support so they can get it fixed.

    In the mean time you could replace the thumb with an image of your own which points in any direction you like using the ThumbAppearance.Image property. You will probably also need to turn off themes to get your image to show up, so set ThumbAppearance.ThemedElementAlpha to Transparent or set UseOsThemes on the control to false.

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