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i want to change the description of the day of week and months of year , in a dayview and a monthview

link with a calendarInfo

CalendarInfo.DaysOfWeek(Infragistics.Win.UltraWinSchedule.DayOfWeekEnum.Sunday).LongDescription = "Domingo"

CalendarInfo.MonthsOfYear(Infragistics.Win.UltraWinSchedule.YearMonthEnum.August).LongDescription = "Agosto"



and i try with the shortDescription, just in case

work well with the monthview and the dayview (default dayTextFormat)

but after i try to change the dayTextFormat  like "dddd dd MMMM" in the dayview and the format don't use my new description. how can i change the description?








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    When you set the DayTextFormat you are essentially telling DayView to apply a date format to the associated date, so the LongDescription/ShortDescription becomes inapplicable.

    DayView exposes an 'InitializeVisibleDay' event, in response to which you can set the VisibleDay.Text property explicitly. In your case you would get rid of the "MMMM" component of the format, and insert the value of the LongDescription property.

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