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ultraComboEditor Tabbing through control twice changes selected text behavior

When tabbing through a group of ultraComboEditors the text in the editor is selected by default.  If you make a second pass through the editors the text is no longer selected and the cursor is at the begining of the text string.

To reproduce:

Take a form put 2 ultraComboEditors on it.

When you run the form the first combo will be in focus and the text will be selected.

Press Tab and the text in the second combo will be selected.

Press Tab a third time and the first combo will be in focus again and the text will be unselected and the cursor at the beginning of the text string.

None of the other editors work in this fashion.  Picky I know, but this complaint comes from one of our customers.


Version 9.2.20092.2090

This did work like the other editors in 9.1.

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    I tried it out and I get the same results. That looks like a bug. I will forward this thread over to Infragistics Developer Support so they can get it fixed.

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