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Changing the UltraGridPrintDocuments Style


This is what my Output currently looks like. What i want to change is, that there shouldn't be this white Frame around the Grid but I can't seem to find the right Property to do that.

The next thing is how do i remove the unnecessary gray blocks on the very left of the grid?

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Robert,

    I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to the "white Frame around the Grid". can you be more specific? It sounds like maybe you are talking about the margins of the page. There's no way to remove that, although you might be able to make it smaller. Every printer/print driver has a certain minimum size of the margins. It represents the physical limitations of how close to the edge of the page the printer can print.

    As for the "gray blocks on the very left of the grid", those are the RowSelectors. You can remove them from the on-screen grid by using the grid.DisplayLayout.Override.RowSelectors property. If you just want to remove them from the print layout and not the on-screen grid, then you can use the InitializePrintPreview event and modify the same property on e.PrintLayout (instead of grid.DisplayLayout).

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