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PDF printer paper format in legal

Hi, I'm trying to set the paper format into printers properties to be the same as report paper format, wich is legal in this case.

The output is a PDF file.

The printer paper format is always set as letter, even if the report is legal in preview mode.

How can I change the printer settings.

I tried this code without succes.

' define paper
report.Preferences.Printing.PaperOrientation = Documents.Report.Preferences.Printing.PaperOrientation.Landscape
report.Preferences.Printing.PaperSize = Documents.Report.Preferences.Printing.PaperSize.Legal

report.PaperOrientation = Documents.Report.Preferences.Printing.PaperOrientation.Landscape
report.PaperSize = Documents.Report.Preferences.Printing.PaperSize.Legal

report.MainSection.PageOrientation = Documents.Report.PageOrientation.Landscape
report.MainSection.PageSize = Documents.Report.PageSizes.Legal

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     I beleive that the Preferences.Printing settings that you are setting here only affect the report.Print method. I don't think a PDF document actually stores any printing preferences information in the document itself.

    You will probably want to set the PageSize on the section, but even then, I think this only affects the document layout, not the page size that the PDF reading will default to.


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