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Using RichTextEditor in Grid in Preview Row Column does not display RichText


I downloaded the sample app for the richtexteditor in the grid.  If the column is a reguar part of the grid, it works flawlessly, but the second I  make it a preview row column, i get the rtf code view.  Any suggestions?

See pictures below that show the same field (one as regular column, other as preview colum) that are rendered differently.

 I am using 10.2 and the latest service release.  Heavy on the app stlying


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    I'm not certain but I don't think the AutoPreviewField column uses embeddable editors, so that would preclude the use of the RichTextEmbeddableEditor therein. Incidentally, we consider that approach to be obsolete as we have since added a control to our suite, UltraFormattedTextEditor, which is a native .NET replacement for the RichTextBox control. However, if I am correct about the AutoPreviewField column not using embeddable editors, I'm afraid this information doesn't help you, since the UltraFormattedTextEditor provides an embeddable editor to the column.