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Parsing Files with Structured References

The following formula:

"=SummaryTable[[#This Row],[SampleID]]&"_"&SummaryTable[[#This Row],[SeqNr]]"

gives the following error:

"The formula has extra expressions after the end of it.

Portion with error: [[#This Row],[SampleID]]&"_"&SummaryTable[[#This Row],[SeqNr]]"


When I try to load the file:

Infragistics.Excel.Workbook workbook = Infragistics.Excel.Workbook.Load("C:\\Template.xlsx");

Are structured references supported?

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    Currently this syntax is not supported, so I have logged a feature request for you with reference number: 12851

    If you would like to follow up on your feature request at a later point, you may contact Developer Support management via email.  Please include the reference number of your feature request in the subject and body of your email message.  You can reach Developer Support management through the following email address:

    Let me know if there is something more I can do for you.




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