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How can I disable other tabs while updating one tab?


I'm using UltraDockManager and have a grid and some tabs that display data and have Update, New, Delete, etc. buttons. When the user clicks Update or New on a tab, I need to keep the user on that tab. Can anyone tell me if it's possible and how to do it?

Thanks, John

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    I've answered it myself.

    After reading the forums, I thought I'd need to use UltraTabControl or UltraTabbedMDIManager but I've managed to do it by getting the tabbed form with the update buttons to call a method in the parent form and that method runs a method in each tabbed form to disable or enable itself.

    But I did need an interface with the method ChangeUpdateMode and make the parent form implement it otherwise the child form thinks the parent is a windows form which doesn't have a ChangeUpdateMode method.