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UltraTree with checkboxes in selected cells

I use an Infragistics UltraTree in a Winforms application as a treelist (outlook mode). The problem with the outlook mode is, that it is not possible to have node checkboxes. So my workaround is, to use a own column for the checkboxes.

My question is now, how can I achive, that there are only checkboxes in specific cells of this column (for example only in cells , which belongs to tree level 2)?

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    Offline posted

    Are you trying to archive similar to the image below?

    In my tree_InitializeDataNode, I added code for each Parent that I don't want to show CheckBox. The Only problem I am having is I dont want to show all the column headers and want my list to be tighter.  I  don't know how to do that.

    With e.Node
       if .BandName = "tblIndustry" then
            .Cells("Required").AllowEdit = AllowCellEdit.Disabled
       End if
    End With