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How save panel level info and dock info of the panel to the same layout file


      I have some 7 -8 different UltraGridBagLayoutPanels in my Form. I have different kind of controls in each of the UltraGridBagLayoutPanel, that means I have some grids in some panels and some charts in Panels. I have different kinds of settings info, that is colors of series in the chart, and column settings of UltarGrid. I am succsesfully saved and loaded these settings by writing programatically to a xml file using XmlDocument and XmlNode structure. However I am not able to persist docking info of the panels. That means whenever I open this application by reading the xml file, I am not able to get the panels in correct state i.e. they are displaying at the default location. 

     One solution I thought of is writing docking info to different layout file using UltraDockManager.SaveXml and read this info while loading through UltraDockManager.LoadFromXml. But this solution results in two layout files one for inner level settings i.e chart series and grid column settings which looks not a finer solution.

   So I want a solution a persist docking info programmatically to the same layout file which am using for persisting chart series and grid column info. 

  If there is no solution to this, then anyone tell which kind of docking info is needed to get the docking state of the panel so that I will write this info to file and read this from file while initializing the form.

Anyone tell me whether this is possible to do so.

Thanks in Advance,





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    Hello Sanjeev,

    Thank you for the information provided in your post. This solution seems very reasonable for me. I believe that you are looking for the 'DockedState' which is a property of the 'DockableControlPane' and inherited from 'Infragistics.Win.UltraWinDock.DockablePaneBase'.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional assistance.