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Excel style filter properties lost when saving grid layout


After saving then loading my grid's layout my Excel style row filters changed back to the old style.Using VS QuickWatch I noticed that the value of FilterUIProviderResolved was Nothing after loading my grid's layout using grid.DisplayLayout.LoadFromXml(strm, PropertyCategories.All).   

Prior to loading, the layout  had been saved using grid.DisplayLayout.SaveAsXml(strm, UltraWinGrid.PropertyCategories.All). Immediately prior to saving I checked the value of FilterUIProviderResolved which was Infragistics.Win.SupportDialogs.FilterUIProvider.UltraGridFilterUIProvider.

The result is that I lose the Excel style filtering after the saved layout is loaded  - could some one please advise on why this value does not persist or provide a workaround.

Many thanks.