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Memory Leak With Ribbon And MDI Forms

I just upgraded my project from NetAdvantage 2009.3 to 2010.3 and I now have a huge memory leak on my hands.  I think I have narrowed the problem down to tools that I am dynamically adding to the ribbon.  I have an MDI interface with an UltraToolbarsManager on my main form and an UltraToolbarsManager on all of my child forms. 

I have looked through the sample projects and cannot seem to find any code that demonstrates how to properly remove tools from the ribbon in an MDI environment.  I suspect that when the ribbon is merged the tools from all the child forms are getting added to the ribbon on my main form.  Do I need to somehow clean those up when I dispose of my child forms?  I am currently removing any tools that I add and disposing of them when I dispose of the child form, but I am not doing anything to the ribbon on the main form.  None of this was a problem before the upgrade to the latest NetAdvantage.  I should say that I have also installed the service release as well and still have the same problem.




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