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Unpinned pane incorrectly docks below ExplorerBar

Hi all,

I'm working on an MDI application (uses TabbedMdiManager), with an ExplorerBar pane pinned on the left and module-based content filling the rest of the form area. I've now added another control to the main form which is docked to the bottom, and should be available globally, regardless of which mdi form fills the content area.

As you see in the images below, it looks the way I want when the control is pinned. However, when it's unpinned, the dock pane fills the entire application width, below the left docked navigator pane.


Unpinned, fills entire form width:

What I'd like is for the unpinned pane to always be the same width as when it's pinned, but I can't seem to find any properties that control this behavior. I've tried to set the docking for the different controls in different order, but this does not change the behavior of the bottom dock pane.

Any ideas?

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