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Incorrect values importing Excel formulas created using 'fill handle' copy in Excel

I am having a problem importing Excel value/formulas from an .xlsx spreadsheet where the spreadsheet contains formulas created in Excel by dragging the fill handle to copy formulas.

I open a spreadsheet in Excel and create a cell with a simple formula in a cell (say =A1) then drag the 'fill handle' down the column to copy the formula to other rows in then column.  

I then read the spreadsheet from my app using using Infragistics.Excel 10.2:

I can retrieve the correct  values and formula from first row and the second row of the column.  Unfortunately the third and subsequent rows all incorrectly show the value/formula of the second row.

Interestingly, I have no problem reading the same formulas from an .xls files.

Is this a known bug/limitation?