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AutoDragExpand not working

Hi all,
I am currently experiencing a problem with the WinTree component.

I implemented Drag/Drop as described in the related Sample (WinTree DragDrop) and used the UltraTree_DropHightLight_DrawFilter_Class.cs which I modified a little to suit our needs.

So far everything works fine and pleasant.

Now when dealing with DragDrop functionality it is required to expand a node when the Drag hovers over it. So I implemented the following lines in the load event:

tree.AutoDragExpandDelay = 500;
tree.Override.AllowAutoDragExpand = AllowAutoDragExpand.ExpandOnDragHover;

I have chosen the ExpandOnHover option because the nodes of a node are only populated when the node is expanded the first time.

I expected that the node is expanded after 500 ms firing the BeforeExpand event so that I can evaluate the childnodes and add them.
Unfortunately this does not seem to happen. The node I hover above always stays closed.

What am I doing wrong here... any help is kindly appreciated.

best regards

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    hoernchenmeister said:
    What am I doing wrong here

    You have to set AllowAutoDragExpand to 'ExpandOnDragHoverWhenExpansionIndicatorVisible' if the node you are expecting to expand has no children. You also have to set ShowExpansionIndicator to 'CheckOnExpand', if you aren't already.

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