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Text in the Row Selector column header

Can I place text in the Row Selector column header?

I have set the RowSelectorNumberStyle to RowIndex so I can show line numbers there. But in my situation the line numbers have meaning - they are the "priorities" for the end-user. So I would like to add the word "Priority" as the RowSelectorHeader. There is a TextHAlign and TextVAlign property in  RowSelectorHeader, but there is no Text property.

How can I add the word 'Priority" as the header?


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    You can add customized text to these elements using the IUIElementCreationFilter interface (the classname for the row selector element is Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.RowSelectorUIElement).

    Note that you will probably have to set the UltraGrid.DisplayLayout.Override.RowSelectorWidth property to a value that is large enough to accommodate that string value.

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