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Drag Drop in Ultrawingrid Control Not working if item is dragged from downward to upward direction.

We are using an Ultrawingrid control to display a hierarchy. It has the hierarchical list object as a datasource.

We have implemented a drag drop functionality as follows. The user selects a row & drops it on another one and the dragged item should become a child of the destination item.

If we perform drag and drop on the siblings, the functionality fails in following scenario.

Drag the element and drop it on the element below in the sibling list.  

Example . we have a element 'root' and it has 10 children.

if we drag child 3 and drop on child 5, child 3 should move under child 5 and become its 'child'. And this should be visible on UI.

However, in our case, we dont see this change reflected on the UI. Instead it appears as though we have lost the element [child 3 in this case] for ever. We have to

We have to click on the destination element [child 5 in this case] to see the change. Clicking makes the change visible.  

Please suggest a solution for this issue. We have attatched a demo app to explain the issue we are facing.

Note : If the dragged element is below the destination element in the sibling list, functionality works fine.


The attached sample app is developed on .Net 3.5 & windows 7 environment.

1. Launch the sample app.

2. Expand the hierarchy For item 'Manager2'

3. Drag item Employee7 on Employee 12.

4. Employee7 moves under Employee12 but it becomes invisible.

5. On clicking Employee12 again, Employee7 gets visible as child of Employee12.

6. Even if Employee8  dropped to any Employee from 9 to 23, this issue occurs.

7. Same way if Employee13  dropped to any Employee from 14 to 23, this issue occurs.

8. On click of Reset button hierarchy gets rebuilt to test the issue again.