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double click on tree node calls _dsTree_MouseClick before calling dsTree_MouseDoubleClick

I have the following two tree events:
1) _dsTree_MouseClick
2) _dsTree_MouseDoubleClick

Step: I double click on a ultra tree node.

Expected result: Only '_dsTree_MouseDoubleClick' is called.

Actual result:
First '_dsTree_MouseClick' is called and then '_dsTree_MouseDoubleClick' is called.

Problem: How to stop call to '_dsTree_MouseClick' on double click of a tree node?

Basically I want to know in my code when user performed single click and when user performed double click. When _dsTree_MouseDoubleClick'  is called on double click I missunderstand and assume it was a single click on the tree node.

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    The Click event will always fire before the DoubleClick event. This is the way it works for every control. It has to work that way, because there is no way for Windows to know that you are going to click a second time.