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Explain the Node Type

As I've mentioned earlier I'm new with this control..and the documentation is less than helpful.

I know what a node is..

But what is a

  • TreeNodesCollection
  • SelectedNodesCollection
  • And how do you Reference them.

    If I have a Populate Tree called UltraTree1 and I want to pass something to TreeNodesCollection or SelectedNodesCollection how is this done..



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    Offline posted

    I'm not sure I understood your question, but 'TreeNodesCollection' is the class which encapsulates the 'Nodes' collection properties exposed by the control and the UltraTreeNode class. It is used to populate the nodes collection (see Add/AddRange methods, for example)

    SelectedNodesCollection is the type of the control's SelectedNodes collection property. As the name suggests, this collection returns the nodes which are selected. You can programmatically manipulate this using the AddRange and Clear methods.